What is Bio Impedance Analysis?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA for short is a quick and simple screening test which we perform in-clinic to track progress during a weight loss protocol.

bioelectrical impedanceWe use a device from a company called Bodystat who specialize in medical grade BIA technology.

This screening allows us to determine your:

  • body composition,
  • hydration status

For a more technical explanation, you can find a wealth of research papers and articles from Bodystat.

Over 100 independent studies conducted over the past 20 years. These have demonstrated that BIA can provide an accurate and clinically useful assessment of body composition.

How does it work?

We take some base measurements including weight, height and waist circumference. Electrodes are then placed on your right hand and foot. A painless, imperceptible electrical current is then passed through these electrodes as you lie comfortably on our massage couch. This will only take a few seconds. We then generate a report based on your findings.

Is BIA safe for everyone?

It is a safe, painless technology but is not recommended for women who are pregnant or for those who have a pacemaker fitted.

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